Source: Jung’s Syzygy (Mythic

“The roots of the word syzygy come from the Late Latin, syzygia, and from the Greek word syzygos meaning ‘conjuntion.’ Syzygy literally means to be ‘yoked together.’ Another example from the Turanic-Altaic languqges would be the Turkis word ‘sezgi’ that means ‘sense,’ implying that one needs more than one idea/image/process linked together before one can achieve sense. This one word has come to syzygistically take on many various yoked although differing meanings.

In Psychology, C. G. Jung used the term to denote ‘an archetypal pairing of contrasexual opposites, which symbolized the communications of the conscious and unconscious minds, the conjunction of two organisms without the loss of identity.’ He used syzygy to liken the alchemical term albedo with unconscious contrasexual soul images; the anima in men and the animus in women.

In Gnosticism, syzygy is a divine active-passive, male-female pair of aeons, complementary to one another rather than oppositional; they comprise the divine realm of the Pleroma (the totality of God’s powers), and in themselves characterize aspects of the unknowable Gnostic God. …

In Philosophy, the Russian theologian/philosopher Vladimir Solovyvo used th4e word ‘syuzgy’ as either an adjective or a noun to signify ‘unity-friendship-community.’

In Astronomy and Astrology, syzygy is a kind of unity, especially through coordination or alignment of stars and planets…

In Poetry, it is the combination of two metrical feet into a single unity, similar to elision (the omission of a vowel at the end of one word when the next word begins with a vowel, as in th’orient.) …syzygy employs the use of ‘repetitions that fall indiscriminately on accented and unaccented places in sufficient number to give unity to a passage by subtly filling the ear with the insistence of a dominant tone color.’ …

So…syzygy represents a pair of connected or correlative things, a couple, or a pair of opposites. …”



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