The Plates and Pages # 1

The self-other internal representation graphic components are introduced with the Action Disorder, Developmental Considerations, and Experiential State plates and accompanying essays. From the “scene remembered” composite image of the Experiential State, to  symbolizing a specific unbearable not-fully-conscious-to-ego episode in the Ego-Self Axis Separation-Reunion and Trauma plate, this image is at the center of the system. As a generic bi-polar pair, this image invites trying on all the combinations: self-other, ego-Self, complex nucleus, two complexes acting as one, ego in relationship to anima/animus, self in relationship to nature, the participation mystique in the moment, and more.

Action Disorder

Developmental Considerations

Experiential State

Ego-Self Axis Separation-Reunion and Trauma         

Experiential State, Complex, and the Ego-Self Axis

Experiential State as Complex Nucleus

Representation of Persona Submitting to Emotion Couple Experiential State Complex

Observation: Healing Only Occurs Within the Blur (page only)

Couple Experiential State Complex as Activated Threshold (page only)

Ancestral Complex Perspective

Ancestral Complexes Meeting

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