Ancestral Complexes Meeting

This representation, positioning the Couple Experiential State Complex at the center of two ancestral lines, provides a meditation on the reality of the fact of the ancestors standing with us when we risk opening to life and loving. True intimacy requires the defenses essential to bringing us through prior trials will need to be dismantled, at least temporarily. 

With the activation of the complex, the unconscious, with its dream time qualities, pulls for unfinished emotional business on the theme of the here and now trigger. This business, depicted as an opportunity in the above image, is informed by each participant’s ancestral line’s archetypal trajectory, which is pulling for a repetition along a particular theme.

Recognizing and respecting incomplete initiatory experiences seems to be the teaching behind the success of the movie The Sixth Sense. “I see dead people” is very descriptive symbolically of what it might be like if one could compassionately identify with all the ancestral and family of origin trauma scenes in the category: severe enough to trigger dissociative defenses. Might we have the presence of mind to turn towards them, recognize them, respect their voices, and engage them?

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