Experiential State as Complex Nucleus: Trauma, Image, and Affect

In terms of developmental history, mild to severe relational failures and traumas, averaged and generalized over time, form the basis of primitive invariant organizing principles reflected in their composite form in the experiential state image. Here I am combining the experiential state with the complex directly, as if they are variations on a common theme: the original scene of activation, including the object of activation “in the act of delivering the wounding”, and all the emotions evoked by the episode.  To denote the presence of the complex, with its associated wound induced archetypal dynamism, I have added the small red circle to the “scene remembered” image. Hereafter I will call this the Experiential State Complex.

Note, in terms of sequencing, the information and energy lines to/from the evoked node, reflect the archetypal energy first entering the activating object at the time of the object’s original wounding; this has the effect of  generating his/her complex. Subsequently if/when this object is unable to contain an activation, the complex dictates the script which directs the repetition compulsion, or what I prefer to call the re-enactment of the wounding. The emotion present during such enactments point to a state of as if possession (see Couple Experiential State Complex and Persona Submitting to Emotion). The possession state reflects the ego’s inability to hold on the destructive impulse, in spite of at times increasing awareness of the wrongness of the action/violation. For the actor, attending to the impulse and attempting to hold means acknowledging the blur and working to bring enough witnessing consciousness to hold on the action and engage the opportunity to heal.

Through the action, the archetypal energy charge in the object at some point arcs to the vulnerable child or adult subject. At this point, and hereafter, the recipient of the wounding will have his or her own direct access to the archetype via the evoked node and its associated, now personalized complex nucleus. I believe this is what Allan Chinen (Oregon Friends of C.G. Jung workshop) was describing in relating these wound transmissions to Vampire and Werewolf lore. It is as if we are bitten.

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