The Plates

I am developing orientation guides to flesh out the schemata. These separate plate essays, and clusters of quotes on themes, such as Source: Complexes are (will be) provided as source/resource materials for those who would like to read more on the nature of psyche from clinicians moved to write about their process. I am beginning the process to obtain permissions to include more from published sources.

  •     Action Disorder 
  •     Developmental Considerations
  •     Experiential State
  •     Ego-Self Axis Separation-Reunion and Trauma
  •     Experiential State, Complex, and the Ego-Self Axis
  •     Experiential State as Complex Nucleus
  •     Representation of Persona Submitting to Emotion
  •     Couple Experiential State Complex
  •     Observation: Healing Only Occurs Within the Blur
  •     Couple Experiential State Complex as Activated Threshold
  •     Ancestral Complex Perspective
  •     Ancestral Complexes Meeting

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