Source: Von Franz on Creation Myths From Above and Below

“A real descent from above to below is always accompanied by disappointment. One can readily understand this, for, in the world of archetypes, one is inflated, as one is dealing with the gods. But this inflation is necessary because one cannot be creative without a certain enthusiasm. One needs this intensity of momentum, and it comes from God. The difficulty lies in the realization of the task. This is also evident in the history of science when dealing with great discoveries. For a scientist to transfer his vision onto paper in a manner which enables him to present it to his colleagues as a new theory is an immense achievement. This is also why there are so many “would be” geniuses on this earth. These are mostly people who do indeed have certain creative intuitions, but who are much too lazy to undertake the great difficulties and trouble which would be necessary to bring such a vision down to earth.

This is, so to speak, creation from above. It means the realization of archetypal ideas originating in the unconscious and then being born into reality through consciousness. This is a kind of descent, for, seen from a feeling nuance standpoint, it is like a darkening, a deterioration of the original inner vision.” Von Franz, Marie-Louise, Creation Myths, Shambhala Publications, 1972, p. 68.

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