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Consultation Services Update

April 15, 2023

Greetings! And thank you all for your continued interest in some of what is going on here.

First, I am pleased to announce I am planning an official start for my consultation practice for fall of 2023. By then the major construction and landscaping projects will be complete and my office will be very accessible again. Until then, I have established 2-4 days per month office hours and am available to schedule in person or remote individual, couple, family, and case consultations. Please see my Professional Disclosure page for details on fees and services.

When I peruse through this blog, following active links, I am reminded of how much work I was able to put in while maintaining my full time private practice. I am also struck with questions about who is this person, writing this stuff? In truth, I find some of it remarkably clear and radically helpful . . . if only it can be comprehended and applied. I recognize there is an important offering here: a book, a graphic novel, a series of YouTube mini-presentations, a program of live interviews for illustration purposes, a group workshop dedicated to exploring the role of conscious enactments in the service of healing splits.

We are all challenged to find our own way, our own language, into our full lives. I am dedicated to finding shared language.

My posting guidelines moving forward are to be more spontaneous, less anxious about my inferior editor functions. I really am looking for more of a conversation with you.