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From the Dream Time: An Eye Fetish

January 18, 2019

During an hour this past week, in reflecting on an apparent mismatch in enthusiasm between two family members, and the amount of suffering this produced, consciously, for one of the party, the issue of archaic human longing came up. The dream below is one of several which moved me towards a deeply felt experience of this. I will be looking through my archives for a couple more in series as part of bringing this forward. As a stand alone dream, this one is pretty fun in terms of the sheer intensity of the energy. I had the dream the second night into a week long gathering of men with Robert Bly, Robert Moore, Malidoma Some and others, in the primitive Mendocino Woodlands Camp.

July 24, 1991: I woke up at 4:30 AM with a long dream in mind; details fuzzy/sharp and excessive. Doing men’s work here at Mendocino Camp; On and on and on; making shit, talking shit, doing shit; singing and dancing and drumming and imagining.

After all this stuff, what a mess of bodies and stuff happening everywhere, all over, all the time. Robert Bly picks up a little piece of wood I had painted to look like a green snake(?) eye; blue eye, mottled green and white serpents shape; fashioned from a stick with a knot in the center, or maybe plywood, jigged out, and painted. Pretty crude representation at that.

I’m delighted at his interest in something I made. “Why do you want that thing Robert? What is so special about it to you?” He just laughs that big grin and says: “I just like the feel of it, you know…” and caresses it in his fingers and moves on.

EyeFetishDream1.22.14I woke up somewhat disoriented, having gone to sleep with one ear plug in (snoring in the cabin) and decided to go outside with my journal to write it down. The moon was overhead, moving powerfully through the sky channel created by the creek running through the very tall old growth forest. After writing it down and spending some time with it, I went in to the Lodge and painted the image. Just when I was finishing doing so, I heard the voice of an elder coming down the path, quietly singing, who, coming into the lodge to get a cup of tea, walked up to me, took a long look at me, my painting, and then back at me, and said: “Something’s happened! When you are ready, we must talk!” Later that week, we did.

Luminous Wolf, Shared Piercing Dream

January 18, 2019

January 26, 2009 Dream: “My friends are giving me a medal, to be ‘pinned’ on my left flank, belly. I’m apprehensive, say ‘are you going to use rubbing alcohol on that large pin?’

Just then, a luminous wolf crosses from left to right in front of me. Hard to say how far, how close, her actual size, as she seems to be arriving from another dimension. Very healthy with a full silvery black coat, and surrounded by an incredible aura. She stops, turns her head over her right shoulder, to gaze at me. I notice, as part of her energetic aura, from her left flank, extending above her back, is a large arrow shaft, with feathers, suggesting she has an embedded arrow point in her left side, about where I am to be pierced. Her aura incorporates the arrow, as if she is living with it in vibrant health…”


Waking Reflections: What struck me was how healthy she was, while still carrying the evidence of a likely mortal wound. Still, energetically, this arrow wasn’t limiting her presence and power.

In the dream it seems I am about to receive a blessing from the Spirit Brothers, a medal of some kind, in recognition of my relationship to my wound. (Unpublished back story) The pinning itself will be a flesh offering. At this moment the Wolf appears, affirming our work from the dream time. YES, she shows us, one’s wound need not be the death of one’s vitality. Something like that. Associations to the pelican piercing her own breast, the piercing of Jesus’ side on the cross, and the Sun Dance ceremony all come to mind.

And, we might ask, who is she, showing up with such vibrancy and generating such an incredible aura? An image of the Self? A transrational presence/being?

Mystery and Complexity versus Nuts and Bolts?

November 21, 2018

Perhaps like the alchemists of old, I continue to have energy for trying to find the keys to open the locks to all that would bind us. In practical terms. In everyday life sound bites.

The band The Moody Blues recorded a couple of songs on their 1969 album “To Our Children’s Children’s Children” that I have always loved. Their titles are “I never thought I’d Live to Be a Hundred” and “I Never Thought I’d Live to Be a Million.” In the first, they reflect:

“I never thought I’d ever have my freedom. An age ago my maker was refusing me the pleasure of the view.”

This morning, early, I am feeling gratitude for this life and this view. May we all be blessed with the gift of the questions which keep on coming.

So, the work goes on: How can/will I describe the ineffable, today?


It’s Alive!

July 24, 2013

I am interested in the detail that gets your attention as a way to get started….Image

Working my way to real time

November 6, 2012

Welcome to this work in progress. I have been busy uploading the images and text. As a very visual and intuitive  processor, weaving quotes in and around the graphic pattern language has been the fun part for me. Writing text to help build the bridges connecting the image “dots,” so to speak, is more difficult. This offering is admittedly obsessive. I understand this in part reflects my ego’s fascination with the energy of the archetypal realm. I do feel fortunate to be so passionate about psyche and process after four decades of clinical practice.

Initially I thought it reasonable and potentially quite helpful to someone seeking clinical services, if I could “show my work.” After all, this was a very good practice in solving math problems. I was aware of an emerging clinical frame underlying my approach to the work, and, having discovered a beautiful graphics program (thank you MacRory) I was intrigued to try to represent my experience. Anyone interested in understanding something of where I come from could easily get a feeling for my sensitivities and biases through this material.

Now I am beginning to find my authentic writing voice. My inferior functions are starting to feel more familiar to me. I am getting glimpses of how this virtual dialogue could support sharing “our work.” This really hit me over the weekend as I worked my way down through the Complexes page. In trying on a kind of discussion-through-quotes format with the authors of my favorite teachings, I could see how we could choose to continue this conversation together.

If we have worked together before, or are currently in contact, many of these ideas and diagrams will be familiar. For those new to me and my work, take a look and stay in touch if that suits you. Phone consultations and skype are also available.

This website offers response ease in support for getting oriented to a progression of sticky wicket problems. If it speaks to you, perhaps we would schedule an hour or two per month consultation to support your self-other home study.

It makes sense to start initially with the Counseling Support for Self-Other Analysis page, and work your way through to the Ancestral Complexes Meeting page. If you find yourself bogged down in theoretical ideas, just move ahead, knowing you can double back at any point. Once we get into dialogue, I will be trying to stay present with what is emerging, and only draw from the pages material to support/amplify the in the moment connection piece.

Technical Disclaimer: I am just getting started with blogging and anticipate I will be challenged in a variety of ways. Please accept my apologies ahead of time for my mistakes.

For the love of Psyche,