Everyone is a patient, everyone a psychotherapist?

“Therapy, or analysis, is not only something that analysts do to patients; it is a process that goes on intermittently in our individual soul–searching, our attempts at understanding our complexities, the critical attacks, prescriptions, and encouragements that we give ourselves. We are all in therapy all the time in so far as we are involved with soul-making. The idea here is that if we are each and everyone a psychological patient, we are also each and everyone a psychotherapist. Analysis goes on in the soul’s imagination and not only in the clinic.” James Hillman, Re-Visioning Psychology, page. xii

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One Comment on “Everyone is a patient, everyone a psychotherapist?”

  1. […] As compromise formations, these spontaneously expressed offerings can become the engine of self – other analysis. Note it is best to recognize by definition that what is being revealed is wearing camouflage, and […]

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