The Cross…

“The cross, or whatever other heavy burden the hero carries, is himself, or rather the Self, his wholeness which is both God and animal … the totality of his Being, which is rooted in his animal nature and reaches out beyond the merely human towards the divine. His wholeness implies a tremendous tension of opposites paradoxically at one with themselves, as in the Cross, their most perfect symbol.”  CG Jung

This quote is striking to me in the way such a few words could suggest so much. Jung’s formulation of the Self is most challenging. How can we orient ourselves to such a mysterious reality? Where do dreams come from? I am thinking this image has the ego carrying the Self, and struggling to do so. Can we recognize contributions from the Self reliably? How can we open to the Guiding Self?

This is the opening quote in the essay on Ave Marie, excerpted from a work by Jenny Koralek, published in the latest Parabola: Divine Feminine. My apologies for not having the Collected Works volume and page number.

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