It’s Alive!

I am interested in the detail that gets your attention as a way to get started….Image

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2 Comments on “It’s Alive!”

  1. Juliana Kaya Prpic Says:

    Hello Chuck
    I am a candidate at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich (and an academic at the University of Melbourne (Australia) … and I have recently come across your website which I think is fabulous. I particularly found the diagrams very helpful.
    Regarding your question … “what detail that get’s my attention?” … I am not sure what details you are referring to? … the details of this website? … life? … my complex? … When I am clearer of your question, I would be delighted to engage in dialogue 🙂

    • Greetings Juliana – and thank you for the very kind words. Your comment “… the details of this website? … life? … my complex?” …suggests to me such openness to the many possibilities, and I would like to hear more about wherever you go with that.

      If we were sitting together, reflecting on the offering and your good feelings about finding the diagrams helpful, I would probably just ask you to say more about what did come up for you, and any sense of connection, question or intrigue. Did a particular diagram detail resonate to your way of understanding a complexity in the work, personal/professional, clinical/academic?


      For the love of psyche,


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