Sacred Space pulls for the De-structuring of the Ego

We need language to frame the special conditions which allow us to access core emotional wounds, so that we may heal. For me, this is an ego-Self reunion state issue.

The “de-structuring” of the ego refers to a shift in consciousness which supports a dis-identification with the ego, the known, and an experience of the not-self, or non-ego.

In the Sandner/Beebe discussion about what it takes to heal a split, we can picture and imagine how painful it will be to suffer a direct reconnecting with original trauma episode(s). The wounds of overwhelm, intense enough to trigger a temporary amnesia, a petite symbolic death, are split off from consciousness. What is required to heal that split is the return into consciousness of the lost experience. Without enough consciousness to contain such a direct experience, this return will be re-traumatizing. With enough consciousness and containment, one may now suffer directly the re-membering of the original dismembering experience. Bearing witness and giving the experience it’s grief  is what allows the split to be healed. Jung’s discussion of abreaction as insufficient still holds true.

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2 Comments on “Sacred Space pulls for the De-structuring of the Ego”

  1. Mr Bender’s respect & faith in the healing power of grief & deep consciousness that lay beneath the constructs of Ego can only come from someone who has been there & back.

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