Dream: The Butterfly Meadow

I had this dream in February of 2012. I want to try just offering it without much comment, and let the dream speak for itself. This is a big dream in the sense that it evokes a direct experience of archetypal energies. The setting in nature, the simple ritual preparation of making and offering butterfly houses to the four directions, and the arrival of the ancient one(s)… kind of a “if you build it, he will come” moment.

2.1.12: “I had been busy making houses for butterfly habitat, and finished the project by installing one in each of the four directions in our small meadow. Then, on this beautiful sunny and warm day, thousands of butterflies appeared overhead, large, yellow and golden, with deep brown markings. They seemed to be heading towards the meadow. I hurried down the path through the woods where I saw them come flying in, descending from the sky, onto the apple trees and everywhere. Then looking down, I saw millions of small blue butterflies, who, seemingly preferring the ground, lay like a thick lively carpet, trail like; my gaze followed them westward. I started carefully walking along side them and then, looking slowly up, a very strange prehistoric creature dropped in, down, into the southwest corner below the west gate.

He seemed ancient, and was hairless with a deep brown toned, wrinkly skin. His large head with large eyes and ears was dog like, bat like, with a prominent snout; he was sitting up on his back, rather butterfly like, with his facing upwards, in greeting. It seemed he had legs, the top two more arm like, but also prominent wing like appendages protruding out of his top/rear shoulder/scapula area. They were long but folded in several sections, and not covered with much (perhaps vestigial?) Sensing this was a miraculous encounter, I approached slowly, trying on making eye contact, and we gazed into each others’ eyes. I reached forward and with my fingers gently stroked his torso, as one might with a congenial creature in the wild; in this way I seemed to get a sense, wordlessly, of his history. He was a very old being, with a life span in centuries, not years, and he came from the old country, Europe, or the Far East; he was a mythological creature who had chosen to show up and show himself to me. He was traveling with the butterflies, and was in some way royalty, their king or benefactor, intimately involved with their creation and the life cycle of the Butterfly clan. Karyl (my wife) walked into the meadow and sat next to us, amazed.”

I think it might be very interesting to share dreams, without an expectation for  them to be interpreted. I plan on commenting on this one at some point. If you find this curious, feel free to share a comment. If you would like to offer a dream of your own, send me your post and I will get back to you about sharing it here.


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