Beyond Analysis: Empathy

I generated this sound bit two years ago, and taking another look today, my heading seems a little harsh. Of course analysis is all about empathy. Here I am entertaining the idea that the point of analyzing complexes in the blur is, simply put, to increase one’s capacity to stay centered enough so that one may choose to empathize deeply with and be moved by the acute suffering at hand (provided by the activation the blur.) Granted, this is difficult if one is feeling personally attacked.

Ideally we can sense when we are getting triggered. “Getting one’s buttons pushed” indicates the activation or constellation of a complex. Unless reflected upon, such an activation threatens to hijack consciousness and push/pull for unconscious enactments. Jung referred to this level or layer of betwixt and between, consciousness blurred with unconsciousness, as the participation mystique. For a beautiful collection of Jungian and psychoanalytic essays see Shared Realities: Participation Mystique and Beyond.

Why must we go there? (unconscious enactments) The bottom line may be they enable time transport, compelling us to return to the scene of some important unfinished business.

Not primarily for the purpose of suffering again the original wounding, though that seems to be required, but in the service of providing us with the opportunity to re-act differently. This difference looks something like waking up from a bad dream and finding you have the power and lucidity to dream the dream onward towards the best resolution possible. Together, might we agree to support each other in finally going there?


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