I think most men do not know what love is…

“After a long life and a long night, I think most men do not know what love is because they don’t ever love as equals, and the master never really loves the slave.” “To love an equal – it takes big men and big women.”

Clare Luce Booth quotes from “Clare, in love and war” Vanity Fair, July 2014, adapted from Price of Fame: The Honorable Clare Luce Booth, by Sylvia Jukes Morris, Random House, 2014.

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2 Comments on “I think most men do not know what love is…”

    • Many may be ignorant of love by fault of appropriate self inquiry. Knowledge, or having an openness to understanding, can leave you unable to express the ineffable.

      “morning glory, starlit sky
      soaring music, scholar’s truth
      flight of swallows, autumn leaves
      memory’s treasure, grace of youth
      open are the gifts of nature
      gifts of love to mind and sense
      hidden is love’s agony
      love’s endeavor, love’s expense

      love that gives, gives ever more
      gives with zeal, with eager hands
      spares not, keeps not, all out pours
      ventures all its all expends
      drained is love in making full
      bound in setting others free
      poor in making many rich
      weak in giving power to be”
      – w.h. vanstone

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