From the Developmental to the Archetypal: The Experiential State as Complex




Experiential State as Complex Nucleus: Trauma, Image, and Affect

First, unpacking some of the Psycho-Educational Symbolic Overview material, consider the idea of the symbol in its step down transformer function: the image as symbol provides a way for the 110 wired ego to reflect on the 220 plus experiences. A symbol both informs us about, while at the same time protects us from, an emerging, essential to conscious life awareness. Jung (1921) defined the symbol as “the best possible designation or formula for something relatively unknown yet recognized to be present, or required.” (Jung, C.G., CW6)

The symbol comes alive for me in the Experiential State as Complex Nucleus image. The elements present combine the internal representation of self/other/affect, in its scene remembered composite form, with its associated complex. In its experiential state aspect, it captures the essence of one’s family of origin experience. Countless interactions averaged and generalized over time serve to inform the transference at the level of primitive invariant organizing principles.

From a complex perspective, the experiential state image mirrors directly the key elements comprising the nucleus of a complex:  the scene of activation depicting the object “in the act,” and the evoked archetypal node’s energy, or dynamism, corresponding to the scene. The presence of archetypal energy suggests the resources of the collective unconscious have been called into service and will need special consideration.

I think the difficulty in grasping the meaning/implication of this detail is in understanding how the developmental experience, the human, relational dance, is key in setting the stage for archetypal activations.

I am thinking it is reasonable to observe that when one becomes overwhelmed by the presenting environmental press, at a certain point, psyche, via the collective resources, initiates to dialogue with us. Heads up! How detailed and specific may/will this guidance be? I have been thinking about the idea of archetypal bandwidth. (See next post.)

Note the Experiential State, Complex, and the Ego-Self Axis Plate differentiates the experiential state image from the complex nucleus, and the ego-Self axis


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